Equipment Leasing in Canada

Flexible leasing options designed to match your business's cash flow cycle, allowing for customized terms that meet your unique financial requirements and help you manage your business expenses more efficiently.

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What is equipment leasing?

Think of equipment leasing as a specialized rental agreement. In this arrangement, the equipment remains the property of the leasing company, while your business benefits from using it in exchange for regular lease payments.

This approach differs from traditional loans in that the leased equipment does not appear as an asset on your company’s balance sheet. Moreover, the lease payments you make are considered deductible business expenses, offering potential tax benefits as they can be claimed on your income statement.

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What qualifies for equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing can cover a wide array of tangible assets, excluding real estate, that are vital for your business operations. This includes everything from office technology and machinery to vehicles and software.

The flexibility of leasing allows for the timely and cost-effective upgrade or replacement of these essential items, ensuring your business maintains operational efficiency and stays competitive in response to evolving market demands.

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Why equipment leasing?

Equipment leasing offers a financially savvy alternative to purchasing, bypassing the need for substantial initial investment. This option holds considerable appeal for businesses in search of an effective strategy to access necessary equipment. Leasing allows for the use of cutting-edge equipment without the full cost weighing on your budget upfront, distributing payments across the period of use.

This distribution of costs frees up capital, enabling investment in other essential business areas. The inherent flexibility of leasing agreements, tailored to match your business’s cash flow, is a significant benefit. It provides the opportunity to manage expenses more efficiently, thereby boosting financial agility and operational effectiveness.

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Equipment Leasing Benefits

Tax Benefits

Deduct the full amount of your lease payments as a business expense on your tax filings. This allows you to lower your taxable income by the total of all lease payments made for the equipment during the fiscal year, providing a notable financial advantage when managing your business's taxes.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Leasing empowers your business to stay at the forefront of industry advancements, enabling access to the latest and most efficient equipment with ease. Remain competitive and capable of meeting rising demands, all without the financial burden of purchasing new tools outright.

Preserve Working Capital

Applying for an equipment lease, especially for purchases under $200,000, is quick and straightforward. The process usually takes about 48 hours, depending on the type and value of the equipment and your business's credit standing.

Unlock Cost-Efficient Growth With Leasing

Paul, a forward-thinking business owner from Ontario, took a decisive step to advance his farm operations by leasing new equipment valued at $117,000, benefiting from a very competitive rate of 4.9%.

This not only equipped his business with the essential tools required for success but also secured a substantial fiscal advantage.

Over the next five years, his business will enjoy an annual tax write-off of approximately $23,400, significantly reducing the overall cost of his investment and improving his financial management.

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    How Equipment Leasing Works

  • Apply for Lease: Start by submitting a lease application with us.
  • Acquire Equipment: Once approved, use the lease agreement to get the equipment your business requires.
  • Monthly Lease Payments: Make regular, fixed lease payments over the agreed period.
  • End-of-Lease Options: At the end of the lease term, you may have options such as extending the lease, upgrading the equipment, or returning it based on your agreement.
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Equipment Leasing FAQ